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  • The Ultimate
    Marketing Tool
    Create a one-of-a-kind product with our customer Personalized Tumblers. Ideal for promoting your business as well as coporation promotions.

    We offer multiple designs, colors, and sizes for our Tumblers. Wait as little as 5 business days to have your items shipped to you.
  • Professional
    and Unique
    Each of our Tumblers are hand-powder coated and printed with your design in mind. We can use your company's personal logo or your own artwork.

    We use a one-of-a-kind process letting you use any and all colors on your company's logo, not just black or white. Wait as little as 5 business days to have your items shipped to you.


spiritcustoms is one of the top companies in creating unique and personalized Tumbler gifts for businesses and special events or occasions. Our colorful and customer-specific packaging makes your gift completely personal. Tumblers make a great item for not only Corporate Promotions but also help spread your companies name with a design that is inspired by you. Our embelished designs create a unique marketing tool to help your business stand out among competitors.There is a high demand for custom Tumblers and we are the first to create designs that will be exactly like the image you want, not a simple etching or decal. There are endless options of brands, sizes and colors to choose from, all made right here in sunny Central Florida.

BTM Machinery
Orlando Health
Seminole County SWAT
Central Florida Lincoln
Florida Hospital


Fully Custom Tumblers in as few as 5 Business Days

Have An Idea
Have An Idea

We have representatives available via phone or email to assist you in finding the best product for your taste and budget. Contact us for questions, suggestions and any other inquiry you have.

Draw It Out
Draw It Out

Our in-house artists create custom designs either using your own original artwork or company logo. We also can add any personal touches or ideas you had in mind.

Double Check It
Double Check It

Once you have reviewed and confirmed the sample design, we will move your order into production.

Create It
Create It

Our team will turn your design from a simple picture to a real life one-of-a-kind gift, making sure every tiny detail is perfect.

Send It
Send It

We will send your completely personalized gift of custom Tumblers directly to you or the gift recipient. Our shipping process guarantees that your Tumbler will arrive in a timely manner.



Starting @ $29.99

RTIC 10oz LowBall

Starting @ $29.99

RTIC 20oz Tumbler

Starting @ $34.99

RTIC 30oz Tumbler

Starting @ $29.99

spirit Colster

Starting @ $39.99

spirit 10oz lowball

Starting @ $39.99

spirit 20oz tumbler

Starting @ $39.99

spirit 30oz Tumbler

Starting @ $49.99


Here at spiritcustoms, every one of us is committed to delivering that 'wow' moment to our customers. Not only are we an authorized spirit Cooler Dealer, but we are one of the first to use a UV Digital Print to create your design allowing for more colors and a design that will stand out in a crowd. We are at the front of the pack with our personalized Tumblers, and we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to create more 'wow' moments where our customers are left speechless. We design, make and ship amazing Tumblers, and we are completed dedicated to ensuring that every step to completing your order is smooth too. Call us today and let us create a one-of-a-kind custom Tumbler gift for you that will impress anyone who sees it.