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Pink Giraffe Pattern on Turquoise Personalized Beach Towel

Vendor : Spirit Customs Item #636757937704

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This vibrant personalized Beach Towel is 30" x 60" made with polyester and cotton. It is lightweight which makes it faster drying than your average heavy beach towel. It folds up much smaller as well, which makes for easier travel and takes up less space. Even though it is light weight and thinner it still has just as much absorbency as a regular bulky beach towel. These towels are machine washable for easy care. Each design is imprinted directly on the towel so no fading no matter how many washes.

Whether it's a trip to the beach or a dip in the pool, you'll surely want a cute, cool towel to match you. Spirit Customs Beach Towels are the towels that will accomplish just that! Personalize any towel to make it your own, perfect for you! Our towels are lightweight and compact, meaning they won't be taking up all the room in your bag unlike regular towels. Sand almost always collects in regular beach towels, leaving you inconvenienced and your car a mess. How can you dry off without getting sand all over your body?

Spirit Customs Beach Towels are made using a soft microfiber material, which means sand won't stick to your towel! You'll never worry about getting sand in your car again! Because of their material, the feel is smooth on your skin and soft to touch. It won't feel too rough when drying off from a day in the sun. We create our towels to give you the maximum amount of enjoyment on your beach day, making your towel looking stylish while doing it too. Beach towels can't get any better than this!